Inventory Tracking Module

Managing inventories can help reduce costs

eCampusLynx™ Inventory Tracking module is the best way to ensure that you have all the materials and equipment on hand to operate your school and provide a quality education for your students.


This easy to use system will greatly reduce problems with supply-chain management, and the screens can be customized to be as industry-specific as you prefer, tracking everything from textbooks to heavy equipment and its condition

Designed for a professional truck driving school and track classroom material items, vendors, prices, ID numbers, in-stock quantities, reorder points, quantities ordered, quantities received, dates ordered, dates received and more. Adding new vendors, updating distributor information or printing out a hard copy of the inventory is one button click away.

The practical heavy equipment application of eCampusLynx™ inventory tracking module. It tracks unit type, year, make, VIN number, registered owner and condition of the equipment.

Highlighting a unit displays an Equipment Inventory Status Log, detailing items such as log books, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, insurance cards and more.

An inventory status log report can be printed out with the click of a button.