Effective student lead tracking reduces cost per student acquisition & easily executes marketing programs

From lead generation to admissions eCampusLynx™ Student Tracking module is fully customizable to fit the needs of your school and allows you to track the source and status of prospective students from lead generation through enrollment and admissions at a glance.

Easily execute and analyze telemarketing, direct mail and email marketing campaigns. Generate operational, marketing and cost per lead analysis reports – by campaign, program & lead, and by student & academic status.

Adding a new lead is as easy as clicking the "add a new lead" button. leads from 3rd party providers can be uploaded directly into the eCampusLynx™ system with no additional data entry reducing the manual process for admissions staff. To update a contact's record, simply click on the record so it is highlighted, then click the "Update" button.

The lead profile maintenance screen will open where you can edit any of the fields. Automate the enrollment process by simply clicking a button to convert leads into students. This action automatically creates a student admission record. Lead information is instantly converted into student records throughout the entire eCampusLynx™ system accessible to multiple departments and campus locations.

There is no need for redundant data entry to make the conversion. And as always eCampusLynx™ will be fully customized to fit the individual needs of your school.