Reduce manual academic course management processes and focus on student retention.

The eCampusLynxâ„¢ Program Offerings Module makes maintaining your programs easy, so you can update the coursework to help your students keep pace in an ever-changing world.

Manage programs at one or multiple campus locations in different states. For each campus, the page shows program type, duration, credit hours, clock hours, starting dates and status. For each program offered, it also lists subject areas, required courses, course calendar, program cost structure, textbooks/materials and admission requirements.

As with the entire eCampusLynxâ„¢ system, this module is customized to fit whatever types of programs your school is geared to, whether traditional or non-traditional in nature. View course history by year and semester. You can also search course offerings for an entire year.

Creating a schedule for a new course or printing out attendance sheets for a selected course requires a single button click. Highlighting a particular course and clicking on the "View" button will open a screen showing the class roster, attendance and grades. With one click of a button you can print out the class roster, student contact list, transcript for a single student, transcripts for the entire class, the final grade roster and a student course evaluation questionnaire.

In addition, you can access a student class roster page, and search for a particular student by entering all or a portion of the Social Security Number, Last Name or First Name of the student. Highlighting a particular student will display that student's scheduled class roster by course, academic year, and semester.

Also shown are attendance records for each course, course hours, credit hours, didactic hours, clinic hours and course grades. With one click of a button you can access the Student's Profile, print the Student's transcript and more. Remember, all of the information screens are populated automatically after the initial data entry, eliminating the need to spend time and resources on the redundant entry of information ensuring accurate reporting and compliance.