Easily track students lifecycle from enrollment through graduation, job placement & alumni relations.

eCampusLynx™ Student Profile Module is a convenient and easy to use way to track all of the data related to your school's students’ lifecycle from current enrollment status through job placement, including class schedule, course history and grades.

The file folder layout keeps information about Student demographics, emergency contacts, financial aid, internships, externships, additional training, job history, resume, health history and more right at your fingertips for instant access. Hard copies of official transcripts or attendance records can be printed out with the click of a button.

The screens are customized to fit the unique needs of your college or training institution. As an example, a professional truck driving school student profile may include such industry-specific details as current licensing, externship attendance and evaluation, additional professional training and more. The enrollment history is arranged by modules rather than by specific courses, which is common in a non-traditional training program.

As a different example, a traditional medical institute student profile with a health industry focused program might include clinic schedules and attendance, internship/observation assignments and assessment records, as well as education, course transfers, work history and more. The enrollment history is arranged by specific course schedule and semesters over a four year period.